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Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - Roosevelt State Park, Morton, MS, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 6,060.4 Towing Miles For the Trip

It didn't get as cold as predicted, but I'm still glad for the electric Ceramic Disk heater. It kept the trailer at 68°F with outside temperatures going down to 43°F. I suspect it will get colder tonight - it only hit 54°F today and is already on the way down.

I checked out the bathroom, and the heater was still on, making it toasty inside. I walked back to the trailer & started dinner, which, since I remarked yesterday that I preferred chicken stew/soup to beef stew, was from scratch chicken stew. Again, no recipe for it, but I did try Anasazi dried beans as part of the mix rather than my usual choice of canned beans. The bag stated they were sweeter than other beans & cooked more quickly. I had to leave one of my favorite's out - I forgot to buy mushrooms.  After browning the chicken & vegetables, I added the beans & a couple cups of chicken stock, put it on simmer, put on my sweat pants & headed for the shower.

The good - lots of hot water, both a high pressure showerhead I didn't use & a hand sprayer, which I did use. A shower curtain, and a bench for stuff. The bad - only one hook, and the drain was clogged, resulting it the water running across the bathroom floor until it hit the drain near the sinks at the other end of the room. While I could deal with showering in an inch of water, finding a place in the bathroom to get dressed was difficult. The driest part of the entire bathroom eventually ended up the shower! For an hour or two, you are going to need boots to use the toilets! Still, nice to have a long, hot shower.

A little cool heading back to the trailer with the bottoms of the sweats soaked from dragging on the floor, but the trailer was nice & warm from the stove cooking the stew/soup.

The beans (and, of course, the rest of the ingredients) were ready in about 2 hours, definitely less time than most of the other dried beans I've cooked with. They tasted great, as did the rest of stew, which, along with one of my few remaining Alaskan Amber beers, was dinner. I do wish I had purchased a couple of bags of the Anasazi Beans since I've never seen them in the East.

Until tomorrow -


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