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Day 223

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Thursday, March 15, 2018 - Gunter Hill Campground, Montgomery, AL, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 6,359.1 Towing Miles For the Trip

The coldest night so far at Gunter Hill - down to 38°F by morning. I made a short walk around this end of the campground, than microwaved a Jimmy Dean Bisket, Egg & Bacon for breakfast. Not the best in the way of a healthy breakfast, but quick & easy, and not too bad!

After reading my usual blogs & forums, I headed over to the Antioch section of the campground. They have 2 days of "Trailer Parades" where the viewers do the marching & the trailers stay in their sites. Thursday was the Antioch section's day, while our section (the Catoma campground) will be tomorrow. I took lots of photos of people & trailers, then headed back to my trailer to add them as page 2 of the rally page, & my 3:00 eye drops. After that it was off to the Prattville Winn-Dixie for pie supplies. Since I liked their fried chicken, I also got a couple of legs & thighs for dinner.

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