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Day 262

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Monday, April 23, 2018 - Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA - 168.8 Miles, 7,160.5 Towing Miles For the Trip

A wet night, although the rain stopped long enough for me to pack up the trailer. Rain off & on, a bit heavy at times on the drive up I 81 to Marion, VA. The only annoying part of the drive was a small SUV that kept passing me, then slowing down well below my speed, then passing again, then slowing down. I don't understand why, but I've run into that more than once! At least it is better than the guy that passes me, then cuts me off to pull into an exit...

I'm in the Burson Campground, Site 38 for 2 nights, water & electric for $43.57 per night which includes out of state pricing & a $5.00 reservation fee (even though I didn't make a reservation). There is also Campground "C", which I've stayed at, which is now called Royal Oak Campground. Prettier, but the Burson makes more sense if you are just staying for a night or two.

I thought about looking for a campground that I haven't visited before, but with the rain I don't expect to do much exploring, and I know what I'm getting here at Hungry Mother since I've been here a number of times before.

Site 38

For those interested, I checked for cell service - AT&T provides 4.1Mbps down & no upload available, while Verizon clocks in at 57.7Mbps down & 10.7Mbps up, both without the amplifier. The Verizon speed is a huge improvement over what was available the last time I was here. They also provide a park based WiFi which shows 5.1Mbps down & 3.8Mbps up.

I spent the afternoon in the trailer watching the rain, checking some blogs & forums, and reading James Patterson's Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, a real book, not the Kindle. I thought I had read all the Alex Cross books, but this is one I missed.

There are a surprising number of RVs here in the campground. Most of the times I've been here in the Spring, there has only been one or two sites occupied (other than the host, who seems to be the same person every year). There are 10 other RVs in this campground. I didn't check the Royal Oak Campground.

Dinner was a Digiorno Frozen Pizza (well, it wasn't frozen when I ate it!)

Until Tomorrow -


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