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Day 270

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018, Oswego, NY - 111.6 Miles, 7,974.3 Towing Miles For the Trip

All good things must sometimes end, and 270 days on the road is one of them. I had a great trip, but am also glad to be home. I didn't have a 3' high pile of mail; my son made 4 1' piles! Hard to believe how many letters from Good Sam, Companion Life Insurance, and from my medical plans. I spent most of the afternoon reducing it to a 3" thick stack.

The daffodils are out, and the tree that blew over a few weeks ago didn't right itself. Glad it landed in the neighbor's yard, her son the tree specialist can take care of it.

Home At Last! My Daffodils The Downed Pine Tree

Since I'm heading out to the Spring Fling Rally in New Hampshire, I didn't empty the trailer. It still took a couple of hours to get the things I need for daily life over the next two weeks, and to clean out the refrigerator. The tire monitor system I ordered from Amazon is a bust - it won't change from bars to PSI, or from °C to °F. Otherwise, it looks like a nice unit. I started the process of returning to Amazon, but when I tried to print the mailing label, my printer seems to have died. The LCD panel lights up, but no data, no noise, no nothing! I can't really complain - it is a Brother all in one laser printer that is over 17 years old. We will see if Amazon Prime gets me the replacement by Thursday.

I ordered a Lagun Table Mount & folding Teak table yesterday from Everythingboat LTD in England, and the 13KG package will be here tomorrow! Only $38.00 shipping; less expensive than it would be from almost anywhere in the US to Oswego. I don't know what kind of deal they have with FedEx, but 2 day shipping from Great Britain seems like a deal!

Some statistics for the trip:

Total Towing Miles: 7974.3
Towing MPG Average: 11.5

Total Driving miles: 17,403
Total MPG Average: 15.45

Total Gallons of Fuel: 1126.22
Total Cost of Fuel: $2934.66
Average Fuel cost: $2.63

Total Amount of Propane: 46.22 Gallons
Total Propane Cost: $119.47

Total Campground Cost: $4241.66
Average Campground Cost: $16.50
Total Number of Campgrounds: 52 (and one house)

The motels on the way to Chilliwack : 12 nights @ a total of $1162.86, for an average of $96.91 per night. (Note - I fixed a mistake on the total motel cost on 5/5/18.)

In a couple of days, I'll add some of my favorite photos from the trip.

Dinner was a frozen chicken patty & coleslaw.

Until the Next Trip, Leaving around the 15th!



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