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Saturday, August 11, 2018 - The Pines at Kabetogama, Kabetogama, MN, 93.8 Miles, 1,293.6 Miles for the Trip

A week on the road, and we are averaging 200 miles per day, including one 2 day stop. A bit more than I'm used to, but we are on schedule for the rally. We have one more 2 day stop planned starting tomorrow.

We had a 5th wheel towed by a diesel pull into the site next to me at 3:30AM. They were nice & shut the engine off as soon as they were parked. Actually, they were very quiet setting up, but it took a bit to get back to sleep. Don & Anne had a trailer with a pile of kids & tents pull in next to him at 10:00, and they were quite a bit noisier.

Other than that, it was a great campground for an overnight. Clean bathrooms & shower not too far from the site, and the owner stopped by a couple of times to check that everything was OK.

We stopped at a Walmart in Virginia for food & stuff on the way up US 53, a mixed 2/4 lane with a 60MPH limit. Average MPG was 13.4MPG.

The Pines at Kabetogama lists itself as a "Resort", and while the utilities are in the right place (unusual for my experiences with resorts), it sure doesn't seem to be worth 4 times last night's stop ($84.00 with Good Sam discount). Full hookups, the showers & bathrooms are in a building somewhere here on the hill, and the back in site required lots of weaving around trees & potholes to reach the utilities, and is on dirt. Close to level; only needed the Anderson Leveler under one wheel to get close enough. No usable WiFi according to the office staff, but there is both Verizon & AT&T LTE service, AT&T @ -109dBm & Verizon @ -103dBm. Neither all that fast, but usable.

It would be a great site for watching the Perseid meteor shower, but there is a smoky haze that will probably prevent any sighting. It is hot, 92°F under the propane tank cover, my outside thermometer remote location - we are sitting at the table here in the Escape running the AC and eating cheese & crackers at 78°F. It looks like there will be the same weather conditions for the rally, and we will be dry camping. I think we are going to miss the AC!

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Dinner was spaghetti with meatballs & sausage, breadstcks & applesauce.

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