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Day 10

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018 - The Arrowhead RV Park, Ile Des Chenemb, Manitoba, 141.2 Miles, 1,540.4 Miles for the Trip

We took our time getting out of the campground since we only had around 150 miles to our next stop. All of the drive was on secondary roads in both the US & Canada. We stopped to top off the gas tanks in Warroad, and crossed the border at the Sprague crossing on MN 133. No problems with the crossing and no wait.

We are in sites 18 & 19, pulled in in the opposite directions so we face each other. The doors don't line up since they are fairly short pull through sites and we didn't unhook. Fairly level - I only needed an Anderson under one wheel for about a 1/2" gain on one side. I needed a long hose to reach the water, but my regular power cord just made it to the pedestal. The sites are full hookups on gravel for $38.12 Canadian ($29.02 US), including $3.00 for fairly slow WiFi. Speaking of communication, my Verizon Jetpack & phone are working fine, but no connection on my AT&T phone even though Anne's AT&T iPhone is connecting fine. Her plan is charging $.35 per minute, while mine is suppose to be free. I guess free only works on paper, not in real life. I did try restarting the phone, turning on international roaming, etc, but it is dead.

I finally got annoyed enough to call AT&T technical support.  The automated system told me I had a minute wait, so 11 minutes later I ended up on the phone with John. Between the two of us, we determined that my SIM card in the iPhone 10, which was switched form my previous iPhone 5 was defective and had to be replaced to work in Canada.  Unfortunately, the nearest AT&T store in Canada is in Toronto.  While I could make a run back to the US, I will just have to rely on my Verizon devices, which are functioning fine.  He was willing to FedEx a new SIM, but I won't really have an address when at the rally.  So, a stop at a AT&T store will be in the future, unfortunately, after we leave Canada.

Site 18 Site 19

Anne was not able to connect to my Verizon Jetpack because of the distance, so I fired up my WiFi repeating system that I usually use for distant WiFi stations, connected it to my Verizon Jetpack 12" away, and provided a stronger signal for Anne. A bit silly since the repeater (a Ubiquiti-Nanostation) will reach out & connect with another WiFi system a mile away, but it works.

Dinner was a pasta & chicken dish Anne created, along with applesauce

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