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Day 18

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 - Ruttger's Pine Mountain Camping Resort, Day 2, Backus, MN, 0 Miles, 1,895.1 Miles for the Trip

A quiet night and relaxing morning. Don & Anne headed to Scamp at 10:00AM and dropped off the trailer for a new bathroom window. I started 2 loads of laundry. Only one washer & one dryer, and the dryer took 2 runs to dry the clothes, so it took time. Don & Anne did at least two loads as well, so we kept the machines busy.

I spent the time waiting for the clothes to dry reading, so I got a lot done. The trailer was ready mid afternoon, so it is back at the campground. A brand new Scamp pulled in during the day. A couple from Wisconsin that gave us a tour of the trailer (and took a tour of the Escape).

While I have made my usual complaints about "Resorts" with the utilities in the wrong place & higher than normal prices, if you are going to camp near Backus, it is a nice place. Good folks running the place, and they do put lots of TLC into the bathrooms, provide free coffee, and have a swimming pool large enough that I can do 6 stroke laps.

I had an interesting battle with my bluetooth speaker. I fired it up planning to pair it with my iPhone 10, but it was already paired with something. Classical music, but I shut off every device I had & it kept going. A weak signal that came & went, but there was no one within 100' of our trailers, so who knows what it was.

Dinner was the left over grilled chicken thighs, mashed potatoes, and steamed snap peas.

Until Tomorrow.


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