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Day 52

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - Lo Lo Mai Springs Resort, Page Springs, AZ, Day 2, 0 Miles, 4,529 Miles for the Trip

It was domestic morning - we eventually found a laundromat in Sedona and did our usual 2-3 loads each of laundry. Somehow, I ended up with a pair of ladies medium panties in my dryer. I suspect they stuck to the drum of the rotary washing machine. They had a lost & found box, so in they went.

After laundry I suggested stopping in at the local Safeway for a package of English Muffins. A full cart & $180.00 later we got out of the store. It has been awhile since we shopped, and they had both Beyond & Bubba Burgers.

After stashing the food in the refrigerators & freezers, we headed out to look at some of Sedona's "Red Rock". We started at Red Rock State Park, but at $7.00 each, we asked what we would see in the park, and the attendant admitted "not much" and sent us on the rest of the Red Rock Loop. We stopped at the Crescent Moon Resource Management area and took some photos as well as walked to one of Sedona's Vortexes.

Cathedral Rock The Water Wheel
About the Water Wheel An Irrigation Ditch Cathedral Rock, The Vortex & Don & Anne
Cathedral Rock A Cactus End of the Road At Boynton Canyon Trailhead
At Boynton Canyon Trailhead
At Boynton Canyon Trailhead Along Dry Creek Road Chimney Rock
Chimney Rock      

After that it was out Dry Creek Road to Boynton Canyon. The roads in Sedona are interesting - most end in a gated community. There are many hiking trails, but we didn't do any of them this trip. Eventually, it was dinner time so we went to Picazzo's organic Italian Kitchen for pizza. Excellent white (garlic & olive oil rather than the standard tomato sauce) mushroom pizza.

When we got back to the campground, someone was parked in Don's parking space. Turned out to be blog readers and fellow escape owners, Anna & Gerald, who stopped by to say hello. They live in Oak Creek, south of Sedona and read that I was here in the campground.

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