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Thursday, October 11, 2018 - Black Mesa Casino, San Felipe, NM, 21.2 Miles, 5,243.8 Miles for the Trip

Well, as you can see by our location, we didn't manage to talk the campground staff into letting us stay for the weekend. We didn't really expect to since they were fully booked, but we tried.

So, we are back at the Black Mesa Casino, or is it the San Felipe Casino shown on my credit card receipt, or is it the Hollywood Casino, which is the name at least one of the locals calls it. In any case, we are here, and not at the Black Mesa Golf Course in Santa Fe, which is also on a reservation, and may or may not, depending on who you ask, have a casino.

At 6:30AM, as we were getting ready to leave for the Fiesta, a moving "Glow" went over the campground. I took a bunch of photos, mot of which were useless because I didn't know it was coming, and didn't have a tripod available. In any case, I put a couple on the web page.

Today was the Special Shapes Rodeo, and I took far too many pictures. There are 4 pages of them in a Lightroom web display starting here.

I added a few here as well, but to see all of them you will have to go to the link. When we got back to the campground, there were a few balloons still going over my trailer, so I took a few photos of them as well. The lighting was rough - heavy clouds covered the sun much of the day, resulting in dull lighting, with quick breaks of sunshine off & on. All in all, a fun day at the Fiesta. We will be going back tonight for the evening's events.


Dinner was at the Travel Center Cafe. Much better food & selection than at the Kitchen in the Casino, although a bit more expensive. I had a so so country fried steak, but will try one of the Mexican dishes next time.

After dinner we headed back to the Fiesta for the evening Special Shapes "Glow", but it was windy enough that it never happened. After listening to some terrible singing, we headed back to the car and moved it to a part of the parking lot that had a good view of the fireworks. They started with a night time parachute jump, then did the usual show in two locations. I only photographed the one near me. I'm not going to add the fireworks photos until tomorrow because it is already 9:30 and I'll be getting up at 4:00AM for the 22 mile drive to the Fiesta grounds. As mentioned, we went back to the Fiesta for their fireworks. The first two photos are a combination of paragliders & fireworks, an interesting combination. The rest are standard fireworks, 3 pages of them (I get carried away).

Until Tomorrow -


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