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Tuesday, October 23, 2018 - City of Rocks State Park, Deming, NM, Day 7, 0 Miles, 5,526.3 Miles for the Trip

A boring day. Rain off & on, sometimes fairly heavy & steady. There was an hour break where I walked the main road around the campground, but no more than 5 minutes after I returned to the trailer, the rain started back again. I did a lot of reading. Finished Jennifer Egan's Manhattan Beach, which I enjoyed. That & my usual forums & blogs was about it for the day. Seems awfully wet for the desert, although I know this is the rainy season.

I thought about heading to the bathrooms for a shower, but I'd get soaked just getting there. By the way, the showers are only OK. No bench (in the regular shower; there is one in the handicapped shower), lots of hooks, the standard high pressure, low volume showerhead, push button that lasts about 20 seconds, and lukewarm water that is cool by the time it reaches half way down your body due to the fine spray showerhead. the other day when someone was in the standard stall, I showered in the handicapped one - the handheld showerhead was far more practical, and the water was warm enough to be comfortable. All of it is super soft water that takes multiple rinsing to get rid of the "slick" feel.

Dinner was a chicken thigh & leg along with the rest of the potato salad from yesterday's purchase at Pepper's.

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