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Day 161

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Saturday, January 12 , 2019 - La Posa West, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 36 - 0 Miles, 8,082.2 Miles for the Trip

The nice 70°F+ weather has taken a vacation. It only got up to 60°F today, with some light late morning rain. Now, at 4:00, the rain has stopped, but there are still heavy clouds, with the possibility of a few breaks as the sun sets. Not enough to fill the batteries, but they are only down 10 amp hours.

Around 3:30, Lynda, a Toyota Sunrader owner from California arrived, one of the few class C's that is built from fiberglass in two halves, like a fiberglass trailer. She is set up next door, and another friend Mel is on his way. He isn't bringing his Toyota Class C, but is now towing a 24' trailer. We will pretty much fill up the area. I'm also including a photo of the back of the trailer showing the painter's pole with the weather station & my glow ball.

Weather Station & Glow Ball

Lynda's Sunrader
(on the Left)


Other than a bit of reading, both forums, web pages as well as a library book on the Kindle (John Sandford's Holy Ghost), I didn't accomplish a thing today. Then again, that is about average for the last 36 days here at Quartzsite!

I did wander to the La Posa South entrance, and picked up 5 books from the table at the closed office. It is interesting how the different areas are different. There is the same table at the entrance station here at La Posa West, and there isn't anything on it but a couple of rocks. The table at La Posa South is covered with books, clothes, puzzles, etc.

Since it looks like the rain is going to hold off for the rest of the afternoon, dinner will be a Turkey Bubba Burger and the rest of the applesauce.

Until Tomorrow -


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