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Day 172

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Wednesday, January 23 , 2019 - La Posa West, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 47 - 0 Miles, 8,082.2 Miles for the Trip

Another cool night, down to 34°F at 6:00AM, and only getting to the low 60's for the high for the day. I did some reading, mostly inside the trailer, although the wind died down, so it was pleasant to sit in the sun during the afternoon.

I checked the propane, and one tank had emptied overnight. I drove to the 76 gas station to fill the tank. Very heavy traffic in town; worse than during the weekend. As usual for this time of year, a long line at the propane fill station. After filling the tank, I headed back to the campground, waiting for over 5 light changes to get across the I 10 bridge.

I dis some more reading sitting outside, watched new arrivals & departures (there is now a teardrop behind me) then decided this would be the Wednesday for my annual visit to the Mountain Quail Restaurant for their Wednesday special, Chicken Fried Chicken. A very long wait to get a table, and average wait for the mea, which, as usual, was excellentl, except for the overcooked vegetables.

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