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Thursday, January 31 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 8,094.7 Miles for the Trip

Another warm day at Dome Rock. I checked the weather map for home at Oswego, and they are looking at single digits & as much as 5' of snow by Friday. I'll have to give my son an early call to see how he made out. Our road isn't too bad since it is a school bus route, the town knows how to plow & has the equipment necessary to keep it open, but 5' is 5'!

After breakfast I sat outside and read (current book is Dennis Lehane's Live By Night). I met a new batch of Casita & Escape owners (well, new to the rally, but I've met most of them along the road). I made a trip into town looking for 5 cup coffee filters; no luck at either of the dollar stores or the grocery stores. I even tried the combined hardware & liqueur store (a strange combination, but it is Quartzsite) and they did have some groceries, but no coffee, let alone filters. I may have to drive to Blythe or Parker just for filters, although I'm putting together a list or other "needs" that I can't find here in the Q.

More reading & meeting during the afternoon, as well as a bunch of hummingbird photos. You may be getting tired of them, but there isn't all that much else to take pictures of, at least until the party starts. After that I headed in for dinner.


Dinner was a Quorn vegetarian chicken patty & a peach cup, along with a glass of Kendall & Jackson Pinot Noir wine. I know it should be a white wine with chicken, but hey, it isn't really chicken, and the Kendall & Jackson is one of my favorites (and about 1/2 the price here in the West as it is in upstate NY.)

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