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Saturday, February 2 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 7 - 0 Miles, 8,094.7 Miles for the Trip

It started as a cloudy day with some mixed sunshine, enough to put 24 amp hours back in the batteries. I did my usual walk before breakfast, then did some reading of web pages, forums, and my current book - Stephen Baxter's Timelike Infinity, his second novel.

I replaced the sleeves in the Lagun Table Mount. They have worn to the point where the table is no longer level. It was my fault - I'm in the habit of not bothering to loosen the clamps before I swivel the table out of the way, something I do many times a day. Only $15.00 for replacement sleeves, a simple, but somewhat difficult job to replace, but I hope to actually use the clamps correctly from now on!

A couple more photos from last night & this morning:

There is a high pressure gas line that runs through the Dome Rock camping area. No one pays any attention to it...    

After lunch, I decided that I was not interested in making chewy coffee (drip coffee without a filter) so I headed to Blythe's Albertson's. Of course I bought more than that & the freezer is now completely full again, but I also have some fresh fruits & vegetables, including some nice looking asparagus. While I was gone another 10 or so trailers moved into the area. The sun blockers are still in the prime area; maybe they will move tomorrow or Monday after the SuperBowl.

The wind has picked up, and I probably should have cooked inside, but I had already defrosted a chicken breast that I planned to grill, so outside it was. I made a batch of Spanish rice & the chicken breast. Watched my weather app & when I had 35 minutes or so left on the rice & chicken, the app told me it would be raining in 30 minutes. While there were a few scattered fat raindrops, the bulk held off until just after I finished cooking. I'm now sitting inside looking at rain running down the windows, listening to the steady patter on the roof, and wind gusts of 22 MPH.

Until Tomorrow -


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