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Day 5, Hungry Mother State Park, Marion, VA - Day 2

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Friday, October 25, 2019 - Hungry Mother State Park Marion, VA - Day 2- 0 Miles, 725 Miles for the Trip

A bit warmer overnight. At 8:30 I headed over to the campground office to see the bike riders off on their 19 mile ride. They are taking a van to the start; we've been told it is all downhill. Even so, I skipped it. My excuse was the van was filled by the time I thought about it! I did start a rally page & will add to it as the weekend progresses.

A couple of sites opened up closer to the center of things, but since I'm set up & have a couple of fiberglass neighbors, I don't feel as left out here at the far end of the campground. It isn't that large that walking around is a problem.

As to the campground, the showers are separate individual rooms, there is a laundry room with two washers & two dryers at $1.50 wash & dry), and for the first time in many yearly visits, the auxiliary office here at the campground is open. I'm really trying to avoid buying more teeshirts on this trip (I have 4 dresser drawers full of them at home), but I really liked one of the Hungry Mother shirts. Lucky for me they didn't have any in large!

Both Verizon & AT&T provide coverage here at the campground. AT&T shows -115dB signal strength, but is usable for posting photos, etc with 4.1Mbps down & .6Mbps up. Verizon shows 46.6Mbps down & 10Mbps up, but doesn't feel much faster than AT&T, except when uploading. The park has free WiFi that shows 3.3Mbps down & 3.1Mbps up.

The Bike Riders Around The Campground

I wandered the campground, talking with some of the bike riders, who enjoyed the ride. After that it was back to the trailer. When I was trying to show some photos of Letchworth State Park, I realized that I never made up a Letchworth page, only photos on the various trips through the park. I spend a bit of time putting together a page of collected images from 20 years of visits to my favorite NY State Park.

Dinner was a Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken microwave meal. Not high on my favorites list!

Until Tomorrow -


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