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Day 42, Picacho Peak State Park, AZ, Day 2

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Sunday, December 1, 2019 - Picacho Peak State Park, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 3410 Miles for the Trip


Some sharp eyed readers may have noticed that Day 40 did a rebirth. It seems that at least once per trip I manage to overwrite a page when making a new one. I did that yesterday, and had to rebuild Day 40. Let's hope it is only once on this trip!

A bit cool at 37°F last night, but clear skies this morning so it warmed up as long as you were out of the shade. A Sol moved into the space across from me. While not a true fiberglass egg (it has an aluminum frame with fiberglass sides & roof), with the panoramic front window, it looks a bit like the original Nest, now made & sold by Airstream. They left before I could visit & check the layout.

A Sol Trailer

By the way, while the campground is along I 10 & a busy railroad, both are far enough away, at least from sites in the upper part of the campground, that the noise is not a problem. Others have complained, so I guess it depends on your sensitivity to noise. No train horns, but they do go by all night long.

I did some speed tests on the cell coverage. AT&T provides 35.1Mbps down & 10.5Mbps up. Verizon is all over the place. A couple of tries wouldn't even make a connection, but when it did, I got 48.3Mbps down & 20.6Mbps up. There is WiFi sold by Airbeam for $3.95 per night that I didn't try.

Dinner was a turkey Bubba Burger & applesauce.

Until Next Time -


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