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Day 74, La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 25

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Thursday, January 2, 2020 - La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 25 - 0 Miles, 3,894.2 Miles for the Trip

Another beautiful day at Quartzsite (and Parker as well). We also had a nice sunset last night so I added a photo. I also took one of my glowing hummingbirds & my glow ball. They smoothed out the fake grass for the Big Tent floor, but no tent yet.

Sunset Lighted Hummingbird Wind Chime Glow Ball Still No Tent

It was still a bit cool at 9:00 when I went to the 76 station for coffee - around 40°F, but because the sun was cloud free, I ended up with my photo vest unzipped on the walk back.

I made breakfast (bacon & cheese scrambled eggs) on the griddle that was designed for the Coleman Grill/Stove on (or in) the Weber Q1000. It sits too high on the grill, but it eventually gets hot enough to work, particularly if you put the cover down. It fits nicely on the 3 burner stove/oven in the trailer, but is was so nice out that I decided to cook breakfast outside.

After that I headed into the trailer & tried to find out why there was a bunch of unknown money deposited in my checking account. The on line help people eventually traced it to two checks that my son must have deposited. Since he usually deposits them at our credit union, it was unexpected. One check was from Escape Trailer Industries as a reward for showing my trailer to someone who bought one.

I also spent part of the morning arranging my travels from the Townsend Rally in Tennessee during April to visiting with my daughter & family in Takoma Park, MD (A suburb of Washington, DC). I usually stay at Greenbelt Park, a dry campground run by the National Park service, but they are rebuilding much of the park & roads, and will not be open until at least June. They suggested Prince William Forest Park as an alternative. I checked, and I will stay there for a couple of days, but at an hour and 20 minutes from Karin's house, a bit too far for daily visits. In stead, I will spend (and spend is a good description - $82.00 per night) at Cherry Hill Park. I've always wanted an excuse to stay there since it is the most often recommended campground for those visiting Washington, DC, so now I can give it a try. About 15 minutes from Karin's.

After that it was off to Parker. I hit both the Walmart & Safeway as well as a stop at a gas station selling regular for $2.57 a gallon, $.30 cheaper than any here at Quartzsite. For some reason, there was a run on ice at Walmart so they didn't have any, and both stores only had a few gallon jugs of water. Other than that, I found just about everything I was looking for. I did manage to forget paper towels, but I will need to go to Blythe for some prescriptions next week & I have enough to last until then.

Dinner is a frozen chicken thigh & tiny yellow potatoes cooked in my small 3 quart InstantPot. It is rated at 700 watts, but with 10 amps still being cranked out by the solar panels, it only drew 35 amps or so from the batteries. Since the heating element runs intermittently, a 20 minute pressure cooker run only used 3 amp hours. The tiny potatoes are usually called new potatoes since they are harvested before fully grown, but those in the Syracuse area call them salt potatoes. Salt was mined under the Syracuse area by pumping water into salt deposits and boiling off the water to get salt. During the boiling process, workers often put new potatoes in the vat of boiling salt water. When done, they were covered with melted butter. Not the most heart healthy meal known to man, but boy they are good. I sprinkled salt on the potatoes, covered them with butter and imagined I was back in upstate NY!

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