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Day 99, Dome Rock, Quartzsite, AZ

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Monday, January 27, 2020 - Dome Rock, Quartzsite, AZ - 5 Miles, 3,899.2 Miles for the Trip

A very busy day. During my walk for coffee, I met Wayne, back from the Ham Radio gathering. After breakfast I headed to town for propane, a haircut, and a shower to wash away the pieces of hair. Not enough laundry to make a washer load, so it was just the shower. Town is still crowded, although not as bad as during the Big Tent show (it ended Sunday).

Bach at the trailer I finished packing things away, folded down the solar panels, and headed for the dump station. I didn't count the number of RVs waiting, but it was the longest line I've ever been in here at Quartzsite. It took an hour and twenty minutes to get from the end of the line to the dump station. The wait for water was only about 10 minutes. As I drove back to the campground entrance, I counted the RVs waiting to dump - there were 11.

I headed to Dome Rock & set up. The temperature is 75°F, and it is very windy, enough that I'm going to wait until tomorrow to put down my ground cloth & tilt the solar panels. The sun is high enough at the end of January that I probably don't need to tilt them, but I promised a couple of people planning to attend the Quartzsite rally that they could see them tilted, and if we get a string of cloudy days, I might get away without digging out the portable. Since it is in the front of the truck bed, I have to remove the tonneau cover to get it out.

So far, the only fiberglass trailers here at Dome Rock are way up on "Snob Hill" (we have different names for the different areas, in fact, depending on where you like to park, different names for the same area). There are a few stick built trailers & Class A RVs here on the flats, but no other fiberglass trailers.

My "Site" Lots of Room - Dome Rock on the Right One of the Roads to "Snob Hill"

Since I didn't set out the ground cloth, I didn't set up the table, which means I can't set up the grill, so dinner tonight will be an inside the trailer affair, a turkey sandwich & salad.

Until Tomorrow -


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