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Day 103, Dome Rock, Day 5, Quartzsite, AZ

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Friday, January 31, 2020 - Dome Rock, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 5 - 0 Miles, 3,899.2 Miles for the Trip

A little warmer last night at 47°F, but still cool enough that the furnace fired up around 5:00AM. I took the Nikon 800 with me on my morning walk & took a few photos of new arrivals. Most of them don't include people since they were still inside keeping warm. I made another round late enough that my shadow is in some of the images.

It did warm up during the day, hitting 73°F by mid afternoon. I found a Casita in distress - the solar panel wasn't charging the battery. The owner took the portable panel to an RV place & they determined that it was working fine, and it looked like the wiring to the battery was OK, BUT the installer of the trailer side of the wiring wired the connectors for a ZAMP panel, and the owner bought a Renogy portable. It seems that ZAMP insists on not following the standard polarity of an SAE connector, and Renogy does. I switched polarity of the connections in the battery box & everything is working.

While not a project, a young lady asked if I could lend a hand opening the valve on her 20 pound propane tank. I couldn't do it by hand, tried pounding on it with my Leatherman, and finally tried a pair of Vice Grips, all to no avail. The end result was the handle turning, but the valve still staying closed. I've never seen one shut off so tight. I suggested she take it to a tank exchange. I'm not sure that is really fair, but then, the exchange people don't fill the tanks with 4.6 gallons of propane, and charge a much over priced fee for the exchange, so they can afford a few duds.

Dinner was the Friday Fish Fry at Sweet Darlene's. They still have not returned to all-you-can-eat, but with 7 pieces of fish I had plenty.

I made another late day round taking photos. I'll stick a few here, but to see all of them head to the 2020 Quartzsite page.

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