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The Third Annual Oswego Dragon Festival

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Rather than repeating the description of want Dragon Boat Races & the Festival is, I'll add a link to the site. While I'm not taking part as a member of a crew (no matter how many times they asked!) I took lots of photographs. If you noticed that the major subjects are the Ontario Otters, that's because I know many of the team members.

The first practice on Tuesday was canceled because of 30 + MPH winds (they don't stop for rain). I did get some photos of some "dry" practice in the Breitbeck Park shelter. The following Wednesday I managed to take some photos of a practice session on the water. The actual races take place on Saturday, September 6th.

Wednesday, September 3rd -

Friday, September 5th -

While the official Dragon Races are on Saturday, today was the Hero's race. The Coast Guard, The Oswego Police Department & the Oswego Fire Department put together teams (and a donation of $500.00 from each team) and raced. I think the Coast Guard had an advantage since the race was on water (although I don't think they paddle any of their boats!). In any case, they came in first, with the Fire Department second and the Police third. A close race as can be seen by the photo of the finish.

The Sign & A Boat
Welcomes After a Practice
The Band
The Chicken Tent
The Coast Guard Boat
The Fire Department Boat
The Police Department Boat
The Race is On!
The Photo Finish
Welcome the Winners
The Coast Guard
The Coast Guard
The Coast Guard Team
The Fire Department Team
The Police Department Team


Along with the race there was barbecued chicken dinners, a band, and fun for all.

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