Fall 2011 East Coast Trip
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October 18 - Ricketts Glen
October 19 - Ricketts Glen, Day 2
October 20 - Chestnut Ridge Park & Campground
October 21 - Babcock State Park
October 22 - Babcock State Park, Day 2
October 23 - Meadows of Dan Campground & Mabry Mill, VA
October 24 - Luray Caverns & Riverside Campground, Luray, VA
October 25 - Lickdake Campground, Jonestown, PA


October 17 - Letchworth State Park, NY:


Well, even though the fall colors don't seem to be cooperating this year, I decided to give it a try. left Oswego this morning heading to Letchworth State Park. The color change was just starting when I was there in September, and, unfortunately, it really hasn't gotten any better.

I'm in site 11A at The Evergreen Trails Campground. Although it is a full service site, since I'm only using electricity I was given the electric only price - $24.00. Finding campgrounds that are still open is a pain, but this looks like a nice rustic place that would be great in the summer, and works fine for a cold weather visit to Letchworth (their campground has closed for the season).

It was an interesting start to the trip. I drove past site 11A to check some of the others since the owners said take anything that doesn't have a RV on it. It would have been a much better day if I didn't. I used a pull through to turn around to get back to 11A, and managed to drop the trailer passenger side wheel in a ditch. There was a good sized rock on the forward edge that both kept me from pulling the trailer out (even in 4 wheel drive) and pretty much destroyed the steps. I also managed to knock off the storage container for the drain hose.

After walking back to the office and explaining the problem, the owner got out his tractor, a bunch of boards, a jack, and a bunch of firewood to fill in under the tire as we lifted the trailer. I did get it out thanks to lots of help, and, of course, a bunch of embarrassment! The owner & his helper both tried to make me feel better by telling me that it happens all the time, and I have to admit that they were very well prepared to get me out, but still, my Escape now needs a new set of steps! When I think of some of the campsites I managed to get the trailer into without damage on the summer trip, I do feel a bit stupid! I did get the hose storage container back on.

After getting set up in Site 11A, I drove to Letchworth (about 20 miles away). It rained all day yesterday, and the Genesee River looks like it. Muddy color, and very large amounts of water going over the falls. I also got there late enough that the sun is behind the falls (into the lens) making photographs difficult. I did get a photo of the railroad trestle that I like, and there was an interesting abandoned house on Short Tract Road, but I'm not at all impressed with my waterfall results.

Upper Falls, Letchworth State Park
Genesee river
Middle Falls
Trestle, Letchworth State Park
Old House on Ct Rt 15
Upper Falls, Letchworth State Park
Genesee River
Middle Falls

All in all, not the best start to a trip. I hope it gets better or I'm going to cut it short and head back to Oswego!


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