Nantucket - August, 14, 2005
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Well, we did find a carpenter/sheet rocker, but things didn't work out as planned. The idea was to screw 2" X 4"s to the ceiling & put new rock up, avoiding the problem of all the loose insulation needing to come down. It started out OK, but before too long it became obvious that the loose fill insulation had fallen through the fiberglass & ended up between the rafters & the ceiling. Even with 6" screws the 2" X 4"s couldn't be pulled level. So, tomorrow the ceiling comes down. Bummer! I guess the only good thing is we now will not be loosing 2" - 3" of ceiling height.

Anyhow, we are starting to pack. It is an 8 hour drive to the ferry in Hyannis, and adding an extra hour just in case, means we will be leaving tuesday around 5:30 AM. We have a little less room in the van - since there will be 5 of us at some times over the 2 weeks, we had to put the back seat in the van. That was kind of interesting - it has been in the garage since the day after we bought the van (no mice nests, but there was a stash of sunflower seed.) Boy does it eat up lots of packing space! In addition, Luann, a friend of Carol's is going with us. She has never seen the ocean, so we decided this would be a great place to meet the Atlantic. Somehow, we will fit it all in.