Nantucket - August 22, 2005
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I took my camera with me on my walk this morning. There is a Osprey nest on one of the trails & I wanted to try to get a photo. He/she was there plus the fog looked nice so I took a few more.

An Osprey at the Farm
Head of Hummock Pond
Morning Across the Farm

After that it was a morning of cleaning up around the house & s short trip to the beach. In the past, going to the beach seemed to be the most important part of the day. Without kids, its priority has gone down a bit, but it would still be wrong not to hit one of them on a trip. A big advantage to an Island is there are beaches all around it. Nantucket has both official life guarded & non official beaches. You can choose beaches with no waves, lots of waves, some with fresh water ponds next to the ocean, some with snack bars, changing rooms, bathrooms & showers, and some that you can only get to with a 4 wheel drive & sand permit. The life guarded beaches are usually crowded, with the Jetties the most crowded. I like Miacomet beach; Carol's favorite is Hummock Pond Beach. At Miacomet the life guarded section is pretty crowded, but moving a bit towards the East it thins out. Go a little further & you will suddenly become aware that you are at the clothing option section. It was hot today, so I only stayed long enough for a long swim.

After that it was another re supply trip to the Stop & Shop.

The Guidos are arriving tomorrow. We don't know which boat - they will probably try to take the Eagle - I doubt they will make the 1:45 boat so we will probably pick them up around dinner.