Nantucket - August 25, 2005
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We promised to bring David his lunch - I'm fairly sure the reason he asked us was to have us check out the house he is currently building. He has done some interesting places. The last time we were here (two years ago) he was building a replacement house for one next door that was about to fall off Tom Nevers & into the Ocean. Of course, the new, multi million dollar, movie theatre in the basement & two master bedroom suites house will fall into the same ocean in another 25 years, but...

The house he is currently building on Polpis Road overlooks the harbor and is an addition to an existing house, although the existing structure is completely gutted. It has a very convoluted roof line with a widow's walk between the two sections. The second image below is the view of the harbor. You can see Great Point Lighthouse but is is too far to show in this wide angle image. The last image is a group of rental houses just off East Street.

Dave & The New House
The View From The Master Bedroom
A Wharf Off Easy Street

After lunch it was off to the Grand Union parking lot & visits to a bunch of galleries & shops on the wharfs. The Highlander, Forbes 151' yacht left Sunday after Forbes spent part of Saturday signing copies of his newly published book "Flat Tax Revolution: Using a Postcard to Replace the IRS." In its place is the Nantucket Lightship & a rather sleek little number pictured below. Prior to the GPS navigation systems, the Nantucket Lightship was anchored off the Nantucket Shoals. An older version had the bad luck of being split in half (and sunk) by a passenger liner. The last time I saw the lightship it was in New York Harbor. It is back in Nantucket as a 4000 square foot vacation home. If interested, you have a couple of choices: Buy it outright for $7,600,000.00, rent it for the month of July for $1,600,000.00, August for $1,900,000.00 or purchase weekly fractional ownership for May, June, September or October for $150,000.00 to $250,000.00. Share with friends - there are six staterooms, six & one half baths, & 2000 square feet of deck! I also included a couple of photos of Main Street:

The Nantucket Lightship
Looking Down Main Street
Looking Up Main Street


That's about it for the day - home for Philly Steak Sandwiches!