Nantucket - August 26, 2005
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First though, a trip to frolic in the surf was in order. We went to Miacomet Beach so that I could show everyone where I got stuck, and did a short swim. The waves were still almost nonexistent, and the water seems much colder than the last time I went. Anne took a photo of a bird that worked the edge of the surf. Somehow, this bird knew how far up the shore the next wave was going to come long before it broke. It would either start running up the beach if the wave was going to come up a little, or fly away if it was going to be a big one. What ever it was eating, it found right at the edge of the retreating water.

After lunch we decided the rest of today should be travel day so that the Guidos can check out what has changed over the last couple of years. First stop was the Surfside Lifesaving Station, which is now a Hostel. At one time it was close to the ocean, but shifting sand has now placed it quite a bit inland. After leaving Surfside, we headed for Monomoy, the section of Nantucket Harbor closest to Nantucket Town (the opposite end from where we were a few days ago at Pocomo). This is an area used to moor many small boats. The photos below show the view across the Southeast end of the harbor. Brant Point Lighthouse is in the background. I also added a photo of some new homes being built along the right-of-way to the harbor. The last time we were here this was a field of brush. Quite a difference in two years.

Anne's Bird Photo At Miacomet
The Surfside Lifesaving Station
Harbor View - Monomoy
New Buildings - Monomoy


Next it was Tom Nevers. We couldn't stop last time because the Demolition Derby was going on (According to the newspaper, it was a smashing success). The entire area was a listening post for the Navy during WWII. Now, most of the buildings have fallen into the ocean, the Navy donated the area to the Town of Nantucket, and it has become a multi use park. It also gave Luann a chance to catch up on her weight lifting. The blacktop Don is standing on was a parking lot for a building that was between it & the ocean. After Tom Nevers, we decided (Well, Anne talked us into) checking out the Cranberry Bogs. At one time the cranberries were harvested & sold to Ocean Spray. I don't know if they are still harvesting them, but the road we took to try and find the actual bog was interesting. No soft sand, but very high crowns with rocks spray painted "caution orange" to keep you from tearing out your oil pan... After that we did a short stop at Sconset for some ice cream, back to town & a stop at Marine Lumber, Cumberlands & home. Tonight we are eating some of David's 4th of July Pig Roast. Not sure what cut - it was labeled "Pig." Don & Anne are going to try to catch the 10:15AM ferry - starting Monday he has this ugly process called "Work" that I vaguely remember!

Don at Tom Nevers
Lou Catching up on Weight Lifting
The Cranberry Bog