Nantucket - August 27, 2005
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First things first - today is Carol & my 39th anniversary. Wow, 39 years (actually we have known each other for 43 years) and still best friends!

Well, Don & Anne made the ferry with plenty of time to spare. For those that know of Anne's love for getting up & at them in the morning, this is no mean feat! Carol & I drove around to the Brant Point Lighthouse to wave goodbye. The story is if you want to come back to Nantucket, you must throw a penny off the ferry as you go around the Brant Point Lighthouse. I believe that the bottom of the harbor next to the light must be the richest copper (well, with the new pennies, zinc) deposits in New England, maybe even in the entire US! Sad to see them go, but we only have today & tomorrow before we also have to get back to the mainland. I included the photo of the house below to show how broken up many of the roof lines are on Nantucket houses. Must be a bear to avoid leaks...

Carol at Brant Point Lighthouse
The Harbor & Unitarian Church
Don & Anne Leaving
A House at Brant Point

After they left we made a short stop at the Hospital Thrift Store for Luann to get some information about relatives & for me to add a couple of books to my collection. I also spent a bit of time at Miacomet Beach. Neither Carol or Luann can do the sun at the beach so I usually go alone. Being a weekend, it was a bit busier than the last time, the waves a little bigger, and the water warmer. That's about it for the day...