Nantucket - August 28, 2005
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No photos today - We made a bunch of last trips today. Last to the dump - picked up some more books at the "Take It or Leave It," which was a zoo. The building was so crowded that you had to either wait or push to get in. As people pulled up with bags of stuff, the regulars grabbed them, headed off to the side & got out what they wanted. We also made a last trip to Stop & Shop, but forgot the ice for tomorrow, so I'll have to do another last trip when I post this. Also had a last beach day, well, beach hour. I can't do an entire afternoon - too hot. The surf was the best yet. I suspect when the current hurricane comes up the coast in a couple of days it will be even better! As I was leaving I found a ring & chain necklace in the spot a couple had left about 20 minutes before me. Gave them to the ATV cop that drives up & down the beach. Hope they hit the lost & found and get them back.

Well, it's time to get the ice. We will probably turn in early tonight since we are taking the 6:30AM boat to Hyannis in the morning. Let you know how the trip home went tomorrow!