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We were up & moving at 5:00AM so that we could get to the 6:30 boat by 6:00. They usually start loading the boat around 6:00 and if you are lucky you get a spot at the front of the center section of the boat. Since that is the only full height section they usually put higher autos & trucks there, but we have ended up in front once or twice. Well, as usual, we ended up in the side section - it takes a bit of maneuvering to fit the van & you are often one of the last cars off the boat, but there are few other choices if you want to get your car off the Island. We did manage to fit everything in the van. No mean feat since everything you own swells with the salt air. I know you don't believe me, but on the way home the van is always full before we have everything in it. But somehow, it all went in, most of it last night.

The great thing about leaving Nantucket on the early morning boat is the light in the harbor. These images don't do it justice, but it is always special, and always different. No fog today, but a crisp glow...

Nantucket Harbor 6:30AM
Nantucket Harbor 6:30AM

An important part of getting the ferry is getting the correct seat. Although the outside deck is OK on a nice hot day, it is windy and doesn't work all that well on the early boat. As to the inside seats, you need to decide if you plan to sleep (grab one of the long 7' padded bench seats) play cards (the narrower seats at the tables behind the snack bar have windows) or watch TV (there is one inside near the bow so you have to go to the forward lounge). Generally, getting what you want is not a problem on the morning boat since it usually isn't that crowded and there are few walkons (walkons often are loaded before the cars). You have to fight for what you want if you are going the busy direction on a weekend - we have taken boats that had no empty seats.

We will never forget our first trip - Karin was sick, we were all tired & cranky, and we didn't know there were upper decks on the boat - every ferry we had taken before had you stay in your car. Sitting on the back of a flat bed truck smelling diesel fuel for three hours did wonders for Karin & my queasy stomachs!

Our choice today was a window seat. As the boat rounded Brant Point, we threw our pennies into the harbor (see August 27th page for an explanation.) The last photo is looking back into the harbor after passing the light.

Carol & Luann at Out Table
The Throwing of the Pennies
A Last Look at the Brant Point Light

The drive home was uneventful - Pulled into Oswego around 4:30. After dropping Luann off at the concrete castle we headed for home. The living room now has a ceiling, but everything needs to be put back. That will have to wait for the morning - it has been a long day. All in all, a good trip - we all had a great time, but are glad to be back home!

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