Nantucket - August 14, 2007
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The summer projects (planned & unplanned) are over. We have new siding, a 16K whole house stand by generator, and, gulp, the unplanned part - a entire new septic system. Time for a break so it is off for a visit to my brother David & Nantucket.

Nantucket is an Island 35 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, MA. For those interested - a link to a Google Map of the Island. Unless you have your own boat large enough to hold a car, small boat or helicopter (and many island visitors do) you need to take the Steamship Authority's ("Lifeline to the Islands") ferry if you want to have your car on the island. Since my brother is a builder & drives a truck, and we expect additional visitors while we are here, we need a car! If you want your choice of boats, reservations need to be made in February or March - currently $450.00 round trip for a van & 3 passengers. It is a 2 hour and 15 minute ride to the Island.

Our plan was to take the 2:45 boat (the Eagle) but, like the last time, we arrived early enough to be put on stand by on the 1:00 sailing of the Nantucket. Both are large ferries, holding many cars, trucks, etc, but the Eagle is a bit larger & has better seating. On the way into Nantucket Harbor we spotted the Nantucket Lightship. Prior to the GPS navigation systems, the Nantucket Lightship was anchored off the Nantucket Shoals. An older version had the bad luck of being split in half (and sunk) by a passenger liner. The last time I saw the Lightship it was at a dock being prepared as 4000 square foot vacation home. Quoting from a 2005 Nantucket Mirror article "If interested, you have a couple of choices: Buy it outright for $7,600,000.00, rent it for the month of July for $1,600,000.00, August for $1,900,000.00 or purchase weekly fractional ownership for May, June, September or October for $150,000.00 to $250,000.00. Share with friends - there are six staterooms, six & one half baths, & 2000 square feet of deck!"

Packed van
waiting for the ferry
waiting for the ferry
The Nantucket - bow
We are Over packed as Usual! Mostly my Fault.
Waiting for the Ferry at Hyannis
Carol & Luann
The Bow of the Nantucket
the Nantucket stern
Great Point Lighthouse
The Fast Ferry
Sailing from nantucket
The Wake
The Great Point Lighthouse
The "Fast Ferry"
Sailing from nantucket
sailing from nantucket
the Nantucket Lightship
A Day Sailing from Nantucket
The Nantucket Lightship

Well, we made due & arrived at David's around 4:00, unpacked the car & have settled in. The trip was good - this is the first full day trip with Carol on oxygen & everything worked out fine. Since our oxygen service does not have a supplier on the Island, they gave us a portable concentrator & a whole mess of tanks. There is a company that covers Nantucket, but they don't have a reciprocal agreement with Lincare so they would charge us $40.00 per tank (any size) & require a 2 day notice for delivery. Since we made it from Oswego to Nantucket on less than 1/2 of a large tank I think we have enough to cover the entire 2 weeks.

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