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State University of New York at Oswego

Old Fulton NY Post Cards - also search for newspaper articles from Oswego County Newspapers (PDF files)


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Looking for something to do this weekend? How about checking out some Ultra Light Planes. The Ultra Flyers of CNY are holding a fly-in July 20 - 23 at Gulliver's Wilderness Airpark on Red Schoolhouse Road in Palermo, NY. Directions at their website - check the bottom of the 2006 Annual Fly-in Info link on the menu on the left side of the page. More photos at my Fly in Page.

The Oswego Port Authority & The Maple Ridge Wind Farm June, 2006

The Maple Ridge Project is a multi year, 200 turbine Wind Farm that will provide 324 Megawatts of power (enough for about 98,000 homes) located in Lowville, NY. The towers, blades & turbines are being delivered through the Oswego Port Authority. For more photos, check my Maple Ridge Page.

The Beluga Projects Arrives At Oswego
Unloading A Bottom Tower Section
Some Of The 200 Wind Turbines
Check The Size Of The People & Van


The "Nina" Visits Oswego - June 18, 2006

The Nina of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria fame has been visiting Oswego over the weekend. Anchored behind the Oswego Maritime Museum's LT-5 Tug, this replica of one of Columbus' 1492 vessels was hand built in Brazil and is touring the Great Lakes. Built in 1988, the Nina left Brazil in 1991 and sailed to Costa Rica, a 4000 mile trip, to take part in the filming of "1492." Since that time the ship has visited over 250 ports in the US.

The Nina anchored behind the

The Nina
Checking out the Nina
The Nina


The LT-5 Tug & the H. Lee White Marine Museum

By the way, if you haven't seen the LT-5 it is worth a trip to the Northern end of West 1st Street to visit both the tug and the H. Lee White Marine Museum. Along with the ocean going tug that participated in the "D" day invasion during WWII, the museum collects artifacts pertinent to the maritime history of the Great Lakes in general and the Oswego area of upstate New York in particular.

The LT-5 June 18, 2006
Information about the LT-5
During a February 17, 2006 Storm
A little later during the February 17, 2006 Storm
Map to The H. Lee White Marine Museum. Click to Enlarge
The LT-5 & The H. Lee White Marine Museum, February 2, 2004


The Omara Tourist Center - June 18, 2006

The Omara Tourist Center is a one room school house the Oswego School System stopped using in 1913. It served as a chicken coop for many years, and was moved to its current location next to the South Athletic Field parking lot on State Route104 East in 1974. Volunteers from the State University of New York's Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) provide maps, brochures & information about Oswego city & county as well as the rest of upstate New York. It is open seven days a week from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

From the East
Inside the Information Center
From the West


WRVO FM Radio's Tower - June 7, 2006

If you are wondering why WRVO has been off the air a couple of the past afternoons, they have been upgrading their antenna. While crews are working on the tower, the transmitter is shut down.

The extra speck on WRVO's Tower is a person!
Close up of the top of the tower


The Oswego River - May 22, 2006

I took a walk along the Oswego River from the parking lot next to the post office to the lower dam. No fishermen - I'm not sure why. Photos of scenery & birds. The little swifts? are impossible - they move so fast!

No Fisherman!
Lower Dam, Low Water
Snowdrops & River
Oswego River
Great Blue Heron


A Walk Around Rice Creek Biological Field Station, Thompson Road May 7, 2006

Fern Fiddlehead
Poison Ivy
Marsh Marigold / Cowslip
Fern Fiddlehead 2


Spring is Around the Corner - March 6, 2006

It's March! Time to Melt!
The Geese are Going North

But, it is not here yet - March 15th

Oswego Lighthouse
Gulls Gone Wild!


Kite Flying at Fort Ontario, September 10, 2005

Salmon Fishing on the Oswego River - October 20, 2005

The water is higher than normal in the Oswego River this Fall so it's not as crowded as usual. Caught a photo of the "Grande Mariner" on is way to it's Winter home. Looks a bit odd going through the lock next to the Oswego River Low Dam...

Salmon Fishing on the Oswego River
Salmon Fishing on the Oswego River
Salmon Fishing on the Oswego River
The "Grande Mariner" Coming Out of a Lock on the River

Rice Creek

The pond where Rice Creek is crossed by County Route 89 offers wonderful seasonal changes.

Sunrise in November, 2005
October, 2003
November, 2000
November, 2000

Well, Fall is over - Time for the Snowplows!

It's Winter!
More Snow 12/16/05
More Snow 12/16/05
More Snow 12/16/05


Another Winter Storm, February 2, 2006

Oswego Lighthouse
Gulls & a Wave
Oswego Lighthouse


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