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For the second time I decided that my home town, Oswego, NY, which gets between 150" - 200" of snow each year is wonderful in the summer, but maybe a good place to leave for the winter. So, this year I headed south & west. This time I decided to spend most of the winter in Quartzsite at the LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area.) For $180.00, you can stay 7 months with the use of a dump station, dumpsters for trash & fresh water. No hookups, but I have enough solar that I don't need them. I end up driving to the dump station and filling my fresh water tank around every 2-3 weeks. While I still think it was a good idea, for the months of November & December, it was warmer (at least at night) in Oswego, NY than here. Anyhow, I was still in Quartzsite for the Fiberglass Rally.

This year they had an early start date of Monday, February 8th, so naturally I moved from the La Posa West LTVA to here on the 1st. Just a couple of other trailers, but by Monday, the 8th there were over 70.

Monday, February 1st

My Site at Dome Rock Glenda & Wendy Pretty Empty!

Some of the campsites here are works of art. Since my name isn't Kate, I didn't feel right taking the place pictured below, but they did a lot of work on the site:

Kate's Site A Fancy Fire Pit A Big Lizard

Tuesday, February 2nd


Olivers & a Casita


The Entire Camping Area 2/2/16 (Full Size 13.2MB Panorama)

Tuesday, February 9th

One Sunblocker Leaving, One to Go! People & Trailers
People & Trailers
People & Trailers
People & Trailers Warming Up The Host Table
People & Trailers    


Large 3.5MB Version Large 3.5MB Version
Large 3.5MB Version Large 3.5MB Version
Large 3.5MB Version  

Wednesday, February 10th

Some Early Morning Photos:

And Later in the Day:

Since the first page of rally photos is getting a bit large & slow to download, I have started a second page.

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