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Day 55

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Thursday, September 28, 2017 - Fisherman's Bend Recreation Site, Mill City, OR, Day 2, 0 Miles, 1,273.5 Towing Miles For the Trip

A warm night - I didn't even plug in the electric heater. I walked around the campground loop before breakfast - one of the hosts has already left, heading to Bullhead City along the Colorado River in Arizona. The other host is leaving next week.

After breakfast, I read my email, some forums, etc. I had an email from Jeff, someone that reads my journal, asking what I used for a hummingbird feeder. I carry a 5' tall Shepard's hook that I keep in the front storage box, and a 4 "flower" glass feeder. I chose this one because it doesn't have perches, requiring the hummingbirds to hover rather than sit when they feed. They are more likely to back away from the feeder so I can get a photograph without the plastic flower. I also try to position it so I have an open area behind it so branches, etc don't clutter up be background. Anyhow, here it is:

Hummingbird Feeder

No clear open space behind it, and with the heavy tree cover, I don't expect to see much hummingbird activity here, but you never know.

Since it warmed up during the afternoon, I decided to take a shower. The "Run all the Showers" sign on the door was correct - it took three cycles of each of the three showers to get one hot. They also have an interesting way to keep the showers short - they must have a 6 gallon water heater. Not even 5 minutes into the shower the water started getting cold. My final rinse was pretty much unheated tap water. No heat in the bathroom, not that it was absolutely necessary, but would have been nice after the cold shower.

Dinner was a microwaved Amy's Thai Pad Thai meal. Definitely one of my favorites.

Around dusk I decided to walk to the river. On the way I passed the Cottonwoods loop of the campground. Nice sites, many on the river, and a heated bathroom with showers with temperature control! I guess that must be the high class neighborhood.

Until next time -


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