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Day 57

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Saturday, September 30, 2017 - Fisherman's Bend Recreation Site, Mill City, OR, Day 4, 0 Miles, 1,273.5 Towing Miles For the Trip

Even more rain today. I forgot what the western side of the Cascades can be like! I slept in this morning, and woke up with the electric heater off & the trailer at 60°F. Not bad for sleeping, but it does make one want to stay under the covers. After climbing out of bed & getting dressed, I discovered that all the AC was off. The breaker on the power pedestal was still on, but no juice. I walked around the campground loop to the host's site & she immediately knew what the problem was. It seems that the site across from me feeds the power to my site. When the RV in the site left, they turned off all the breakers, shutting me down.

I spent most of the day reading in the trailer. Every time I started out the door for a walk, the rain got heavy enough to chase me back inside. I even showered in the trailer, knowing that the unheated bathroom would be chilly (it is 55°F outside) and I didn't feel like walking to the bathrooms in the rain. I did get the end of the month bills paid, as well as this year's school taxes. They sure make it difficult to pay on line. They expect you to pay in person at the office, which was never a problem when I was in Oswego during October, but while on the road it is a pain. A new billing address & account number every year, and, of course, more $.

A little after 3:00 a new arrival pulled into the site across from me, and after setting up, off went my power. He hooked up to the 50 amp receptacle (a large Class A motorhome) and shut off all the rest of the breakers. At least I didn't have to chase down the campground host to switch me back on.

Dinner was going to be a grilled pork tenderloin, but with the rain, I gave up & put the grill away. It will be soup & salad.

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