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Day 160

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Thursday, January 11, 2018 - La Posa West LTVA, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 53, 0 Miles, 3,740.2 Towing Miles For the Trip

This morning I took the short walk for coffee & stopped at Marie's stand for coffee and a breakfast burrito, this time stuffed with Chorizo. Not bad, although still too much for me for breakfast.

A nice day to sit out and read. While it started out cool, like yesterday it warmed up quickly, and only a light wind.

I checked with the Blythe Rite Aid &, of course, my prescriptions were not ready. No FAX from my home town doctor. I called them and evidently, the method of ordering refills changed since I left home. When I left, the nurse said just have the pharmacy you are at request refills. Well, they did, but it seems Oswego Family Physicians doesn't trust California pharmacies. When I called they said they were waiting for a call from me before they would send the refill scripts. I'm so glad "This will be easier than carrying paper prescriptions". Right! So, I have to wait until tomorrow to find out if they have gone through the system.

On the good news front, the 5th wheel with the loud generator moved. Someone (maybe who didn't hear the generator running or is deaf) invited them to move next door to them on the other side of the wash, moving them about 500' away. We can still hear the generator, but it doesn't prevent conversation.

I need to start thinking about heading for the dump station. While I am pretty sure I could go at least another week, that would put me in the middle of the RV Show, where the dump station line goes from the usual couple of minutes wait to hours (although Linda headed over to the dump station an hour ago and still isn't back, so it may be getting busy already. It has been 30 days since I dumped & filled the tanks, which is almost double what I could do with the 17. The larger tanks on the 21 are handy. Maybe I'll head over during the weekend.

I did run out of bottled water, so I made a trip to the Roadrunner Market for a gallon. I'm going to wait until I get back to New York to install a faucet & filter so I can use the fresh water tank for drinking & making coffee. While the water in the tank is potable, the water here in Quartzsite is a little salty, and since the unchlorinated water sits in the tank for weeks or months, I prefer to use bottled water or a separate filter.

Dinner was the last refrigerated bowl of rice & orange chicken. There is still one in the freezer.

Until Tomorrow -


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