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Day 180

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018 - Agua Caliente County Park, CA, Day 3, 0 Miles, 3925 Towing Miles For the Trip

While it started out cloudy, it cleared up for some good images of the eclipse. Starting at 3:00AM, I sat in the trailer & read, getting out for a photo every 20 minutes. Climbing out of the trailer I bumped the tripod during the "red" images (it gets dark when the moon goes away) & there wasn't enough light to refocus, so those images are a bit soft, but overall, it was worth staying up until 6:00AM to take the photos. Even the temperature cooperated - it was in the high 50's overnight. I didn't get to shoot the end of the eclipse - both the mountain & dawn got in the way.

I went to sleep at 6:00AM, did my 7:00AM & 7:30AM eye drops, then slept until 10:00AM.

Moonrise Full Moon The Start Continuing Eclipse
Continuing Eclipse Continuing Eclipse Continuing Eclipse Continuing Eclipse
Continuing Eclipse Continuing Eclipse Continuing Eclipse Almost Dawn
Dawn & The Mountain Final Image    

You may not get to see these images for awhile. As of last night, the internet went away, both AT&T & Verizon. Both show a connection, with Verizon showing 3G, but no data is available on either.

Thursday, 2/1 - The internet is back, at least for a bit, so I'm posting yesterday's page.

After posting the web pages, I headed for the hot springs. As I mentioned yesterday, there are three of them. The upper one is only 2.5' deep and is labeled the children's pool. Not really heated, other than by the sun. The large outdoor pool is a bit warmer, but still fairly cool. The indoor pool is called the therapeutic spa, and is heated to 102°F, and varies from 3' - 4' deep, with water jest located along the sides. Very nice to relax in the warm water.

Dinner was a couple of chicken Parmesan patties & a Knorr rice & broccoli side.

Until the Next Internet Connection -


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