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Saturday, March 24, 2018 - Bolding Mill COE Campground, Gainesville, GA, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 6,626.9 Towing Miles For the Trip

A late start, but with no where to go, who cares? After breakfast I spend most of the morning reading blogs & forums. There is a lady car camping next door. I feel sorry for her sleeping in a car seat, but she leaves her dog loose (and he barks a lot) and is breaking down small trees to keep her fire burning, so maybe I don't feel all that sorry.

I called the local Rite Aid (one of them - there are three) and while some of my prescriptions still have refills, some don't. Strange, because all the bottles show at least one refill, but I suspect the Rite-Aid to Walgreens sale is messing things up, along with the fact that the current bottles of pills & drops are from 3 different Rite- Aids in two different states. They said they will call my doctor to get a new prescription for the one they can't find refills for - we will see how that goes. I also did one last search through the truck & trailer for my missing filters, and went on line looking for replacements. The good news is B & H has them cheaper than Amazon. Still a couple hundred for both. With 2 day shipping, I should be able to get them while here in the campground. I checked with the office & they have no problem having them shipped to the office & site.

Speaking of site, I will be moving tomorrow. I decided to stay here in the park for a week, but my current site is booked starting Monday. I will be moving to site 7 tomorrow. Very similar to site 73, but looking at a different part of the lake, and a bit further from the bathrooms & showers.

After lunch the washing machine finally emptied, so I took up a basket of clothes. $.75 to was or dry, so a bargain. Even better, the person using the dryer pulled her stuff before it was out of time, so I got 15 minutes of free drying. It didn't make much difference, since I still had to put two sets of quarters to dry both loads, and left 15 minutes for the next person. There is only one washer & dryer, so it was busy.

Dinner was chicken Parmesan & coleslaw, with my vanishing supply of Tillamook vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Until Tomorrow -


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