The 12th Annual Quartzsite Gathering, 2019 - February 4th - 10th
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I took a longer than usual trip this year, starting with the Boler 50th Gathering in Winnipeg, then on to the southwest & the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta, Texas & the Matagorda Madness Rally, and settling down for most of the winter in the Long Term Visitor Area in Quartzsite. I moved to Dome Rock a week before the annual Quartzsite fiberglass rally starting date and there were already a bunch of trailers in the area. By the official opening day, there are over 100. I took a number of photos of the early arrivals and the evening of the first day:

Bonair Oxygen Around Dome Rock Around Dome Rock Around Dome Rock
Some of the 100 Trailers The Music Makers The Upper Level Around Dome Rock
Compact Jr Around Dome Rock Around Dome Rock Around Dome Rock
Around Dome Rock      

Tuesday, February 5th:

Tuesday started out at 55°F, fine when the sun was shining, but a bit chilly when it ducked behind the clouds. Registration opened with a steady stream of owners stopping in to sign in & pick up their button. By 1:30 the wind died down, the sun was out (mostly), and it hit 65°F. I made another round of the campground:


Wednesday, February 6th:

A cool & windy night - 39°F, 29 MPH peak winds & 22 MPH average overnight. Even now at 1:00 it is still only 54°F, and an average wind speed of 10 MPH. As you can see by the hats & coats in today's photos, bit cool for Quartzsite!

It was cool enough that the 4:00 music get together was canceled, but when our group of 12 got back from dinner at Mountain Quail (their Chicken Fried Chicken) there was a fire going and some di hards playing and singing around it. It is 54°F with a 33° predicted for this evening.

Thursday, February 7th:

Another cool night at Quartzsite, with lots of furnaces burning propane. 33°F at 7:00AM. Still, almost no wind & clear skies, so the Arizona sun warmed everything up quickly. At 10:00 there was a discussion group on travel to Baja, but the rest of the day was unplanned. I made a couple of rounds taking photos:



Friday, February 8th:

A beautiful day at Quartzsite. Started a bit cool at 33°F, but warmed up quickly. I spent the morning baking e blueberry pies. Since we have always run out of pie before the end of the dessert line, I made an extra that I'll get out after the first two are gone.

This evening we did the replacement for the soup gathering; the first annual wiener roast. There were prizes for the most unusual wiener roaster, and there was quite a bit of competition.


Saturday, February 9th:

The day started out cool & cloudy. At 8:00 the Swap Meet opened, with free & for sale stuff. My favorite was the hook up pedestal. Good for fooling others at BLM dispersed camping!


The dessert pot luck started around 4:30:


After that it was back to the trailer to post the photos & clean up lots of blueberry pie pans!

Sunday, February 10th:

Officially, the rally ended last night with Greg thanking everyone for coming, and inviting everyone to the 2020 Quartzsite Rally. Still, while many left today, there are still close to 75 trailers scattered around Dome Rock.

Heading Out Still Here Heading Out Hooking Up

I have an update on the numbers attending the gathering:

"2019 set a new attendance record of 212 trailers surpassing last years record of 208!

The breakdown of trailer models in attendance and states/provinces is as follows:

Casita - 82; Escape - 57; Scamp - 17; Bigfoot - 9; Oliver - 5; Boler - 2; Compact Hunter - 1; Ventura - 1; Lil Snoozy - 1; Egg Camper - 1; Bonaire Oxygen - 1; SOB - 11; No Brand Reported - 24

CA - 46; AZ - 26; TX - 15; WA - 11; OR - 6; NV - 6; SD - 6; MN - 6; KS - 5; CO - 5; WI - 5; FL - 3; UT - 3; SC - 3; KY - 3; IL - 3; NC - 2; IA - 2; MS - 2; IN - 2; NM - 2; NH - 2; LA - 2; TN - 1; AL - 1; NY - 1; MI - 1; MA - 1; OH - 1; VA - 1; ID -1; AK - 1

BC - 5?; MAN - 2; ALB - 2; ONT -1

Hope to see everyone on the road & next year at Dome Rock!


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