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Tuesday, January 1 , 2019 - La Posa West, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 25 - 0 Miles, 8,082.2 Miles for the Trip

Happy New Year! Lots of fireworks going off in town and around the campground, but I wimped out and was asleep by 11:00.

I want my 65°F - 70°F days back! I know many parts of the country are having freezing days, but for some reason, 50°F days at Quartzsite just are not right. During my morning walks, I meet others that are also complaining, so it isn't just me. In any case, another cold day, and expecting another cold night. Since I'm curled up under multiple blankets, the cold at night doesn't bother me, but I'm tired of wearing a sweatshirt sitting around in the trailer! At least it was clear, so the batteries, while not full, are back in the single digits of negative amp hours.

I spent much of the morning collecting bank interest income for my 2018 tax return, checking on my retirement (2018 was not a good year!) and starting new spreadsheets for checking & other bank accounts.

I drove to town to buy a loaf of bread, my major activity for the day. I did read a couple of books on the Kindle, one of which, The Arrow Collector by Cristian Perfumo, an Patagonian author, was pretty good.

Dinner was a Maria Callender's Chicken & Dumplings dinner (cooked in the oven to add a bit of heat to the trailer!)

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