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Tuesday, January 29 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 8,094.7 Miles for the Trip

Another nice day in the low 70's, although off & on clouds. I made pancakes outside for breakfast since it was 60°F by the time I got back from my walk. After that, some sitting around reading. A couple of the sun blockers next door left, but another one moved in. Looks like it will be difficult to expand to the East during the rally, but there is lots of room on the hill & to the West. A couple more Casitas & an Escape 21 moved in today.

I did some more reading, fired up the water heater to do dishes, then headed to Loves to dump a bag of garbage & pick up some Chester's Chicken for an early dinner. I don't know why I do it every year (actually, I do know why - I feel I should buy something when I drop off a bag of garbage) but Chester's chicken is about the worst fried chicken I've ever had. It has not improved this year!

Anyhow, that was dinner, although I may nibble some cheese & crackers a bit later.

Until Tomorrow -


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