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Monday, January 28 , 2019 - Dome Rock BLM, Quartzsite, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 8,094.7 Miles for the Trip

A warm night, only getting down to 44°F, and it is already up to 72°F at 1:00. A few hazy clouds in the sky, but the solar is doing OK flat on the roof. I did dig out the portable panel, mostly because I wanted to repack it after just throwing it in the truck for the move. Since it is out, I'll leave it hooked up while here, but just before connecting it I was getting 8 amps of charging from the flat mounted rooftop panels so I could probably get away without it.

My morning walk is a bit rougher here at Dome Rock. While there are roads, they are not as smooth as those at the LTVAs. The scenery is more interesting, so I also get off the roads more often. After breakfast I took another walk around the area & took a few photos:

The Sun Blockers Two of Us The "Living Side" Out My Back Window
A Near Tree Dome Rock Ocotillo Cactus Saguaro Cactus
Quartz Ocotillo Cactus Cholla Cactus  

After lunch, I did some reading (current book is Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye) outside in the shade of my hooded chair. I've read the sequels to it, but strangely enough, never read the original. I even ran the trailer awning out, something I rarely do.

After my afternoon eye drops, I headed to Quiet Times to pick up a couple of packages, and made a stop at the Roadrunner Grocery Store. Back at the trailer I enjoyed the rest of the afternoon sitting outside reading, and watching the hummingbirds at the feeder.

Since I microwaved a Eating Well Chicken & Wild Rice Stroganoff dinner for lunch (I do wish their excellent packaged meals could be cooked in an oven so I didn't need to microwave them early enough in the day so the solar panels can refill the batteries), dinner was a simple wrap & applesauce.

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