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Monday, February 18 , 2019 - Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ - 31.5 Miles, 8,208.3 Miles for the Trip

A short drive today. I first stopped at La Paz County Park, hoping for a water & electric site, but all they had were dry sites. I backtracked a couple of miles to Buckskin Mountain State Park, and again, all that was available for 2 days was dry sites, I'm in site 83, a dry site right on the Colorado River, not too far from the bathrooms. A very tight site, particularly if someone is parked in the trailer only parking in front of the sites. There are larger trailers in the adjacent sites, but they must have had clear spaces next to them to get into the site. I had to level side to side as well as a long dip for the front of the trailer; almost the extent of the tongue jack. At $35.00 per night for a dry site (as much as $43.00 per night for full hookups), it appears that Arizona is trying to compete with California on trying for the highest prices! Still, a pretty site, although instead of listening to loud generators like we did at the rodeo grounds, here it is loud boats flying by on the river. At least I suspect they will quit at dark. At the rodeo grounds there was a guy with a construction generator (say LOUD) that started it at 11:00PM, and ran it for a couple of hours.

Site 83 Tight Backing

After making a temporary set up, somewhat hurried since the guy next to me was leaving & couldn't get out of his site until I dropped my truck, I re hooked the trailer & got it in a good position.

After setting up I headed back to the River Island Market & Gas for propane. While I probably could have made it to Quartzsite where the propane is only $2.30 per gallon, I decided not to take the chance (dry camping requires propane to run the refrigerator as well as the stove & furnace), I paid $2.79 a gallon plus tax for the fill up.

If you use your cell phone for a watch, it gets interesting. The campground seems to be on California time for phones. I do remember a 911 call a few years ago from the park that connected me to a California call center. In any case, I shut off automatic time zones and manually set my phone to Phoenix time so I wouldn't be getting me eye drop alarms an hour late.

Dinner was a turkey Bubba burger & asparagus.

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