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Tuesday, February 19 , 2019 - Buckskin Mountain State Park, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 8,208.3 Miles for the Trip

Not to bad a night - it was 44°F this morning, but in the high 30's in Phoenix, so I can't complain (although it never warmed up beyond 55°F). I didn't do much today. After lunch I headed to Mike's Barber Shop for my annual Parker hair cut. As usual, a long wait, but I brought my Kindle, and if I wasn't sitting in a chair in the barber shop, I'd be doing the same thing sitting in the trailer (too cold & windy to comfortably sit outside).

On the way home I stopped at Walmart & bought a Digiorno pizza for dinner.

I thought about a shower at the bathroom here in the campground to get rid of the hair left over from the haircut, but the building holds the nighttime cold, and the shower is a high pressure, low volume showerhead that only has lukewarm water. I decided to shower in the trailer.

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