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Friday, February 22 , 2019 - Blouse Community Park, Blouse, AZ, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 8,264.3 Miles for the Trip

More rain overnight, in fact, most of the night. At least it isn't snow. Arizona is breaking records all over the state for the most snow in a storm, with many of the higher elevations getting over 3'. It even snowed in Tucson, where I'm heading tomorrow. Hope it all melts by then!

It was cool, going down to 41°F overnight, and never getting above 55°F for the day. I spent most of it in the trailer reading. The rain stopped & the most of the clouds cleared around 11:00AM. Very windy. I don't have the weather stations set up so I don't know how many miles per hour it is, but the trailer is rocking!

I think everyone in the area is sitting in their trailers using their cell data services. Verizon has completely stopped working, and AT&T is so slow I'll be lucky to post this page (although the upload speed seems to be OK, it is download that isn't so hot).

I ate the rest of the pizza from the other day for lunch, so dinner was simple - a grilled cheese & peanut butter sandwich & Bush beans.

Until Tomorrow -


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