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Thursday, February 21 , 2019 - Blouse Community Park, Blouse, AZ, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 8,264.3 Miles for the Trip

A light rain overnight, although the weather report said Phoenix was going to get close to an inch today. While partly cloudy, only a few drops during the day here in Blouse. By the way, I was wrong that the traffic I heard was on AZ 72 - it is about a mile from the campground. The main road next door is Plomosa Road, a lightly traveled paved road. You can hear the trains as they blow their horns while passing through Blouse (the tracks are next to AZ 72) but not loud enough to bother anyone.

I checked with Google and there was no laundromat in Blouse, so I headed to Parker to do a couple of loads. On the way, I discovered a laundromat sign on the west side of the city, and avoided a 27 mile drive to Parker. Lots of upright washing machines, but only 3 dryers. One was the working half of a large commercial dryer, the other two a smaller stack. There was a waiting line for the dryers, but eventually I got my turn.

Dinner was a Healthy Choice Sesame Chicken meal.

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