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Tuesday, February 26 , 2019 - Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson, AZ, Day 3 - 0 Miles, 8,523.4 Miles for the Trip

During my walk I met a couple parked across from me from the Buffalo area of NY, and a woman walking her dog that reads my blog. After breakfast, I headed to the Desert Museum. The senior ticket price was $21.95, and well worth it. Lots of exhibits, docents at many of the stops explaining & answering questions. While I'm not sure why there is an aquarium with ocean fish, most of the exhibits were about the area. I shot lots of photos, and made a page just for the museum. I'll stick 4 here:

A Rattlesnake Road Runner Organ Pipe Cactus Mexican Wolf

After the museum, I drove another mile or so down the road to the Saguaro National Park. Lots of Saguaro cactus in the park, although there are just as many along Gates Pass Road. By the way, while the sign didn't exactly prohibit my trailer from Gates Pass Drive, it did have a photo of a class C RV stating it wasn't welcome, and a limit under 12,000 pounds. I took it on the way into the park with the trailer, and it was no worse than driving into Death Valley from the west. I also took it without the trailer yesterday on the way to the post office, and there was a guy pulling a 30' or so trailer down the steeper part of the drive. He did have very white knuckles! In any case, a very pretty drive that I recommend (without a big trailer).

Here is a panorama of the view behind the visitor center:

Saguaro Cactus Behind The Visitor Center (Large Version)


Dinner was a mushroom & asparagus risotto.

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