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Wednesday, February 27 , 2019 - Gilbert Ray Campground, Tucson, AZ, Day 4 - 0 Miles, 8,523.4 Miles for the Trip

Today was the day that just about half the campground had as their leaving day (well, I'm exaggerating a bit, but there are an awful lot of sites with 2/27 stickers). In any case, when I walked to the entrance station to trade some books there were at least 6 RVs waiting to get in. As fast as they moved out, new ones moved in. There were so many waiting that they were having them sit around, then calling their names when a site long enough for their RV opened up. I now see why they ask you to stop on the way out & drop off your site tag.

I didn't do much other than go for walks & read during the day. There was some beautiful color around 6:00, so I took a few photos, then another one around 6:30 of the clouds coloring during sunset.

The "Golden Hour" Lighting Sunset

I filled & set out the hummingbird feeder, and at least two have visited, one within minutes of setting it out. I marvel at how they find the feeder so quickly. They must spend their day cruising!

Dinner was spaghetti & meatballs.

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