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Sunday, April 14, 2019 - Townsend KOA, Townsend, TN, Day 4 - 0 Miles, 10,781.6 Miles for the Trip

While we had a minor sprinkle or two, the major storm that made the national news passed north of the campground. After breakfast I talked with my son & brother, then headed to the laundromat downtown. I checked the one here in the campground, but it was pretty busy. The downtown laundromat (in the Ace Hardware & Artistic Bean plaza (the coffee house was closed on Sunday) looked large with lots of commercial machines, but only a few are available. There are signs on all the commercial washers & dryers that they are for commercial users only. Seems it is used by most of the hotels & Glamping campgrounds. There was a crew of about 4 running all of them continuously. I used the standard machines, and since there were only a couple of us "common" people, there was no waiting for washers or dryers.

After returning to the campground, I read for a bit, trimmed my beard, then headed for the showers. The report? A. 8 individual shower rooms plus a handicapped one. Large drying area with drydeck to keep your feet dry, a bench & 3 large hooks. A full length shower curtain that is perpendicular to the showerhead so it doesn't get sprayed, and shelves for your stuff that hang off the shower pipe. The only minus would be a 5 minute wait for the water to get hot enough to use, and while hot enough, if you like it hotter than me, you are out of luck - I ran it all the way to hot.

Back at the trailer I went outside to read, and it immediately started to rain - I'm back inside.

Dinner was at the Glamping tent - leftovers, jambalaya, and brats.

Until Tomorrow -


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