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Day 23, Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX, Day 2

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019 - Fort Stockton RV Park, Fort Stockton, TX, Day 2 - 0 Miles, 2466.1 Miles for the Trip

While it didn't get to the predicted low of 24°F last night, 28°F is still pretty cold. The electric heater kept the trailer at 65°F, but ran at full blast most of the night. No frozen waterlines.

A quiet day. I ate breakfast at the Roadrunner Restaurant here at the campground. I ordered over easy eggs, and got the runniest eggs I've ever had. Next time I'll ask for over medium!

After breakfast I read some on line forums. The AT&T speed is 25.4 Mbps down and 1.1Mbps up. There is a usable Verizon signal but I didn't check the speed since Verizon informed me that I'm within 10% of my 15GB limit on my unlimited service. When I hit 15GB, they slow me down to 600K for the rest of the month. I can always get another 15GB on both my iPad & phone using them as hotspots, but as long as AT&T has service, I use them.

I did laundry at the campground - $1.50 to wash & $2.00 to dry. After that I read - current book is a real book - Imperium by Robert Harris.

I also planned the next month of my trip. I decided to go to the Scamp Camp Southwest at Dead Horse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, AZ December 5-9, and figured it made sense to plan how I'd spend the nights between Big Bend & the rally. I booked reservations at some of the AZ state parks, and will try for a couple of first come locations. The only one I'm a bit concerned about is getting into Gilbert Ray campground in Tucson Thanksgiving week. We will see...

Dinner was fried catfish at the restaurant. OK, but I have to admit I've only had one catfish meal that I thought was excellent, and that was in a Louisiana gas station.

Until Tomorrow -


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