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Day 141 Canyons RV Park, Sanderson, TX

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Monday, March 9, 2020 - Canyons RV Park, Sanderson, TX - 182.9 Miles, 5,122.5 Miles for the Trip


One of the problems with all the RV parks in Van Horn is they are right off I10, and next to the railroad tracks. I don't remember the Oasis being as loud for both as the Wild West RV Park, but maybe it was. In any case, lots of trains all night, each blowing the horn.

While both I10 & US 90 split at Van Horn & come back together near San Antonio, I prefer US 90. A few small towns, but a not-very-busy two lane road with a 75MPH speed limit, so I end up doing my usual 63MPH on either road, with lots less traffic on US 90.

I stopped for the day at the Canyons RV Park in Sanderson, TX. It was a tough decision not to scoot down to Big Bend as I went through both Alpine & Marathon, but there are no reservable sites, and since it is in the middle of spring break, likely no first come sites available. It is a 60 mile drive just to check at the visitor center to see if there are open sites, then another 20 miles to the Rio Grande Village campground, where it would be likely that any available site would only fit a tent. If it was full, another 80 - 100 miles to find a place for the night.

I'm in site 6, a full hookup site for $30.00 per night. No one runs the campground - there is a slot for your money. The bathrooms are interesting - a very small building with a tiny lobby, and a men's & woman's side. One toilet & one shower. The mixing valve for the men's shower appears to have broken, so the solution was to plumb a shut off valve in each of the hot & cold water lines that goes to the showerhead. Tough to use as a kid since the valves are above the shower enclosure. It does work, and the drying area does stay dry. The hooks are useless - anything you put on them falls off. All in all, no better than a C. As to the traffic noise - US 90 is not quite as busy as I10, but lots of trucks that all hit a bump next to the campground, and the train tracks are right on the back side of the campground with a crossing next door (lots of toots!)

Site 6 The Shower

The site is level - I didn't need to unhook or even use the tongue jack to level front to back. After a shower, I sat outside and read -current book is Randy Wayne White's The Heat Islands, a Doc Ford novel. While the Tampa Tribune-Times calls White "The rightful heir to John D. MacDonald" and others, I wouldn't rate him much more than a 1st cousin, but I do enjoy his books.

I called Seminole State Park to see if they had any first come sites since the Texas on-line reservation system showed them full. Glad I called since they let me know the campground was closed. I guess that, at least to a reservation system, that means it is full!

I has a turkey sandwich on sourdough bread & chips for a late lunch around 3:30, so dinner was just some cheese & crackers.

Until Tomorrow -


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