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Day 146, Sam Houston Jones State Park, LA, Day 2

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Saturday, March 14, 2020 - Sam Houston Jones State Park, LA, Day 2, 0 miles, 5,757.2 Miles for the Trip

I was awakened around 8:00AM (I know, late, but I'm retired) by the sound of hard wheeled scooters on gravely asphalt. Now I know that is to be expected in state parks with paved roads on a weekend, but usually the kids make a couple of runs, then get tired & quit. Nope. The new fangled scooters (I'm old, I can use that term) have motors & batteries, and can run for 2-3 hours before needing a recharge. I was thinking they were almost as bad as a construction generator, but just to prove me wrong, an Allegro Class A pulled in that had a construction generator on a platform in the trailer hitch that was running, probably to keep the ACs going while driving. Very loud!

I went for a walk on the Orange Trail at the recommendation of a neighbor. About a mile, very flat, and along the river & swamps surrounding the park. Some nice houses on stilts across the river. I didn't see any alligators.

Back at the campground I decided to head to the showers. There are 5 of them in the men's side with a large benched area in front of all of them. Each shower has a small changing area with 1 hook & a small bench. The shower head aims at the drying area, but there is a shower curtain. Unfortunately, is is hung in the drying area, not the shower, so any water that hits it runs on to the drying area floor.

My shower (the first in the row) is the first push button shower I've used that has 0 seconds on time. Yes, you have to hold in the button to get water. The next shower in the row has a hose bib with valve in place of the shower head. The third stall is locked & the shower head is capped. I didn't check the 4th & the 5th was the handicapped shower. While the water was hot enough (non adjustable), holding the button was a PIA, as was the 1/2" of water on the drying room floor. Overall, a D -, not the worst shower I've used, but close.

Back at the trailer I sat outside and finished Steve Berry's The Warsaw Protocol. As usual, he seems to believe that every chapter must end with a cliff hanger, no matter how poorly related to the flow of the story. It would also displease any president Trump fans. I did finish it.

Dinner was a grilled chicken leg quarter & applesauce.

Until Tomorrow -


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